(WASD to move, Space for using items, F for interactions)

Hello guys,

We are Team BaconxPogo, a joint team of six, this is our first game jam and it's a cool new experience for all of us.

Here's our game: Keep WHAT alive. As the name suggests, it's a choice-driven game where making certain choices unlocks new and unexpected endings.

You find yourself in a slowly deranging town amidst a deadly pandemic. The townfolks seem fine at first, but god knows what's in their minds, or worse yet, their breaths?
Watch out for yourself as you'll be engulfed in all kinds of questions. What will I do? Who will I save? Is that a Cybertruck? 

Don't like story-telling games? We also got some minigames intertwined into the main story to best suit your taste.

Please rate us and leave a comment if you like our game or give us some advices on how to further improve it.

Follow Team Bacon on [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/baconn00/) 
P/s: Did I mention we got an ingame Cybertruck too?

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTeam Bacon x Pogo
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46
LinksLudum Dare

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how do u earn money

day 1 of one of my later runs:learnt that people can't infect you if they're dead, so i killed all of them

later my family was killed, and then their ghosts thanked me for the meal i cooked

there was tell of a cure, i didn't know how to get it so i went home like normal

told to kill them all, which i already did on day 1

got ending 1, keep hope alive.

yep, this is the perfect game

How am I suppose to progress without my family getting killed? I fed them and cant go downtown to make it night other wise they die, so how do i make it night without going downtown?

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good game